Shitanshoo Bhardwaj

M.D. & Chief Strategy Officer
Shitanshoo Bhardwaj is the Managing Director and Chief Strategy officer of Prishda Energy. He have worked in management roles in Technology for last 18 years. Being passionate in the Renewal Energy & Electric Vehicle space enthusiast build Prishda in 2019.

Shilpy Sharma
Chief of Support & Service

Shilpy Sharma is the Chief of Support & Services at Prishda. Shilpy has vast experience in the renewal energy space with core focus in the Customer Experience and Support, she is the founding member of Prishda Energy.

Kharanshoo Bhardwaj

Operation Manager
Karan Bhardwaj is Head of Operations and also lead the India function for Prishda. He has got the Post Graduate diploma in the EV Design and Architecture, got a keen interest in the renewal energy space and joined company in the year 2020 to assist with the Operations and initiate the India Operations of the company.
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