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Clean Energy Solutions
A brand passionate about sustainable energy consumption, Prishda Pty Ltd is dedicated to delivering eco-friendly solutions by increasing affordable Australian renewable energy solutions.
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Powering Our Future
As an energy-conscious brand, Prishda Energy Pvt Ltd is passionate about environmental conservation and our eco-friendly solutions put the power of renewable energy to avail.
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Our Products and Services

Join the Solar movement!

The move to solar power in Australia’s residential and commercial sector is taking off and taking off FAST!

All over the country homeowners, businesses and property owners are taking advantage of solar power to reduce their power costs, improve their properties, stipulate long term income and decrease business expenses.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will assist you to understand your residential or commercial solar needs. We provide comprehensive analyses and a customised proposal to examine the solar system cost and your potential return on investment. Contact us today or give us a call on 1300 PRISHDA (774 743) – we are here to help you!

Solar Panels – residential

Thinking of increasing energy-efficiency in your home? Go Solar!

A solar panel is a renewable energy source that gets its power from the sun.

There are numerous solar panels out there offered by several different brands. Our team is here to support and assist you in identifying and analysing your specific needs and making an informed decision regarding your solar panel choice. We will guide you through the basics of what to look for in a solar panel to make sure your needs will be addressed. Given buying solar panels is a big decision, we will shed light on this subject to help you decide.

Solar Panels – commercial

Here at Prishda Energy, we provide commercial solar system solutions to reduce your power costs and carbon footprints. If you are a business owner, you can reduce your power bills significantly by generating power off your roof with a solar panel system.

Prishda Energy’s commercial solar solutions provide tremendous advantages for commercial property owners. By switching to our solar panels, you can:

  • increase your commercial property revenue by generating power off the roof space and selling it to your tenants
  • your tenants will benefit from cost efficient power
  • retain your tenants by providing sustainable power solutions and greater benefits than competitors
  • increased revenue means higher valuation of your property.

We have amazing options for commercial needs and business owners that will provide you with instant advantage, diminish your business expenses and not involve massive investment spending!

What to Look for When Buying a Solar Panel

Prishda Energy has identified five main things you need to look out for when purchasing solar panels for your home:

1. Type

There are three main types of solar power systems. Further detail on each type summarised for you below.

Grid-Connected Solar: This type of solar is the most common throughout Australia. As the name suggests, this solar panel type works in coordination with Australia’s power grid.

When a grid-connected solar panel creates surplus energy, it directs it back to the grid. This ensures your power costs stay low.

Off-Grid Solar: In contrast to the grid-connected solar type mentioned above, off-grid solar panels only need batteries to function and are independent of the national grid. The off-grid solar type is a preferred choice for locations in rural or remote Victoria.

Hybrid Solar: This type of solar is a combination of the grid-connected and off-grid solar types we have mentioned above. You will have continuous solar energy in your home or office, as it can be powered either by the grid or battery.

2. Warranty

Our solar panels largely last for 20 years or longer. We offer several warranty policies that can have you covered and give you a piece of mind.

We ensure solar panels are installed correctly and in ideal locations and positions on your property to save you potential headaches.

3. Price

A typical solar panel size for your home is 3kW (comprising of 10 300W panels). The costs can vary depending on your supplier of choice and is an investment that needs to be carefully considered on your part.

Our friendly team is here to assist you with all your technical questions as well as provide you with quotes and services to fit your budget. Come in store or call us today for your free, no obligation quote on 1300 PRISHDA (774 743).

4. Payback period

The payback period is the duration it takes for you to recover your investment in solar panels in regard to your energy use savings within a specific period of time. The payback period will rely greatly on what you are paying for your current electricity consumption.

5. Location

When setting up your solar panels, we will analyse the location and identify the most appropriate position where there are fewest obstacles that will get in the way with the panels. Obstacles include shades, trees, or coverings that could decrease your panels’ access to direct sun light.

The ideal periods for your solar panels to receive and convert energy is when the sun is at its peak, usually from 11am to 3pm. We will assess your property and make sure that the locations and positioning of the panels have the least obstacles between them and the sun at these times. 


Why Us

Australian owned and operated, our team are passionate about sustainability and our opportunity to make a difference in Australia’s swift towards cleaner energy. Our mission is to make renewable energy options available to every household by offering high quality solar energy products. We hope our team can inspire and educate our clients to prioritise the planet.


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