Prishda Energy 12V 20A Lithium Charger (MODEL – PELC12V20A)


Charging Indicator:
  • Waiting Mode: LED Green ON
  • Charging Mode: LED Blue Flash
  • Full Charge Mode: LED Green ON
  • Charge Error Mode: LED Red Flash

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The battery charger has single chip microcomputer (MCU) controlled 3 stages intelligent charging technology, which can accurately track the battery charging process, and make the battery always in the best electrochemical reaction condition, in order to prolong its service life.

Charger input voltage range is wide, with multiple protection features, and high reliability. Control circuit adopts advanced high frequency transformer LLC half-bridge resonant soft-switching power supply control technology, the reasonable structure and thermal design make the charger with high efficiency, small dimension, light weight and greatly improve the portability.

This ·series chargers are widely used for charging Lithium batteries of electromobile, electric bicycle, electric tricycle, electric forklift, electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric sweepers, electric boats, electric sightseeing cars, electric golf cart, electric tractor, electric lift trucks, electric medical equipment, electric transportation trucks



  • Input: 200-240VAC 50-60Hz 4A Max
  • Output: 14.6V / 20A
  • BMS Rating – Built in 20A BMS
  • Dimension(L*W*H*TH): 151*95*94*100mm
  • Weight – 1.38kg
  • Charger Current – 2.0A
  • Maximum Charge Current – 5.0A
  • Standard Discharge Current – 2.0A
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current – 25A
  • Maximum Pulse Current – 30A(<3S)

Q1. Can I charge lithium with solar panels?

Ans: Yes, you can charge Prishda Energy lithium batteries with solar panels. In fact, you can charge them with any type of charging equipment, as long as the charging voltage is within 14V to 14.6V for our 12V LiFePO4 batteries. You should size your charge controller based on the voltage and current output of your solar array setup. That will ensure that your charge controller will be able to process and regulate the power coming from your solar panels. To give you an example, let’s assume your solar system is 24 volts and has a max current output of 22 amps. You would need a solar charge controller that can handle 24 volts and 27.5 amps (125% of your max current output).

Q2. Do I need a special charger for lithium?

Ans: The short answer is no. In order to fully charge a 12V LiFePO4 battery, a charger with a voltage of 14V to 14.6V is required. Most AGM battery chargers are within that range and they would be compatible with Prishda Energy LiFePO4 batteries. If you have a charger with a lower voltage, it may still charge the battery, but it won’t charge it to 100%. A charger with a higher voltage would not charge the battery and the BMS would enter protection mode due to it’s high voltage disconnect feature. Although many AGM battery chargers are compatible with LiFePO4, wet cell or flooded battery chargers are not compatible as they typically charge at a higher voltage.

Q3. Can I charge lithium with a lead-acid charger?

Ans: Most lead-acid battery chargers can be used with LiFePO4 batteries as long as they are within the appropriate voltage guidelines. AGM and Gel algorithms typically fall within the LiFePO4 voltage requirements. The voltage for wet cell or flooded battery charging algorithms are often higher than LiFePO4 requirements, which will result in the BMS disconnecting the battery at the end of the charge cycle, and may result in the charger displaying an error code. If this happens, it is generally a good practice to replace your charger. Since the BMS protects the battery, using lead-acid chargers will not damage the battery.

Q4. Can I charge lithium in cold weather?

Ans: LiFePO4 batteries can safely charge between 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C). Prishda Energy Low-Temperature series (LT) can be recharged between -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C). The LT series has a built-in heating system that activates when the temperature reaches the freezing point. It works by warming up the lithium cells to above freezing and only then the BMS would allow in the charging current. The heater does not take power from the battery itself, but rather from the charging current. This ensures that the battery is not discharging itself.

Q5. Can I charge my lithium batteries using my alternator?

Ans: In order to charge your lithium batteries from your alternator, you will need a DC-DC charger. DC to DC battery chargers offers a safe and effective way to charge your Prishda Energy auxiliary or house batteries from the alternator. The primary purpose of a DC-DC charger is to regulate the voltage and current that come out of your alternator. For any questions, feel free to phone our battery experts or send us an email.


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