Lifepo4 Battery 24v

Shop Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 24v In Australia

Buy the top-notch Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 24v in Australia from Prishda Energy.

High energy density and potential for yet higher capacities is the mark of Prishda Energy solutions in Australia. Using Prishda 24v battery will cut down on the wiring and transportation cost and increase affordability and efficiency.

The 24v has a relatively low self-discharge and is a Low Maintenance battery – no periodic discharge is needed.

Prishda 24v 100ah only weighs 24 Kg and is up to 4 times more energy dense than traditional Lead acid battery. We have ensured that this advanced battery is Vibration and shock proof to increase longevity and is equipped with a safety went that makes it safe for prolonged use while giving you a Premium performance with minimal risks.

Take a step towards green energy!


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