Our Story

We are a team of effective, enthusiastic and energised individuals keen to provide our customers the best quality solar systems for your residential or commercial needs. We are passionate about what we do and always go the extra mile to support our customers.

We are devoted to working collaboratively with our customers, increasing their market share, revenue and competitive advantage. We are well aware that when you do well, we do well!

You can trust us for all your residential or commercial solar panel needs. Our products are reliable and durable. Our post sale care and commitment to customer satisfaction is our leading quality that has enabled us to be customers’ preferred choice.

Our efficient solar panel solutions allow people to generate energy from natural sunlight reducing their energy use without sacrificing health, comfort or production. It is very profitable to apply, generating energy savings worth far more than its costs. Our dedication is to provide solar panels that work with the environment, not against it. We owe it to our children, and their children to power a greener future.

Home Solar Specialists

Our knowledgeable team offer no obligation quotes and free solar advice. We take pride in understanding your individual needs and ensuring we can maximise the return on your investment. Get in touch today to learn more.

We specialise in supplying both the public and businesses with quality mobile lithium iron phosphate batteries and Lithium Prismatic cells for caravans/RVs, boats, yachts, trucks, vans, trailers, commercial and industrial outdoor equipment. Our products are sourced from leading manufacturers using a premium design of new technology which enables our products to be both robust and lightweight, ideal for mobile usage.

We take pride in ensuring our customers reap the benefits from sustainable energy sources while we take the complications and financial burden of implementing a full turnkey solution.

Contact us today for your free, no obligation quote on 1300 PRISHDA (774 743).


Prishda Energy was established by its devoted founders with sustainable development of energy solutions in mind. We are proudly Australian owned and located in Melbourne, Victoria. Our specialty and decisive trait is our passion for increasing sustainable energy options.

We recognise the world is changing and so should our energy consumption behaviours. From the very beginning, since inception of Prishda Energy, we have always been researching global trends and innovative and integrated energy solutions that customers here in Australia would benefit from.

Our passion and professionalism have allowed us to stay on top of our game and ensure we have the best products to match our individual and business customers’ needs. Our roots are embedded with devotion and dedication to both the customer, industry and the constant shift to sustainable energy solutions.

To better address the differing requirements of our customers, we combine our advanced knowledge and expertise, high-quality product range and committed after-sales service to ensure the experience with Prishda Energy is a seamless and enjoyable one.

We are also very pleased to utilise rigorous safety on all our jobs. Safety in the workplace can be misguided within our industry. We work safe, smart and efficiently throughout on all our jobs and ensure safety of both customers and staff.

Mission and vision

Mission – our mission is to further develop our product range to deliver customers sustainable and alternate energy solutions that are eco-friendly and cost efficient. We market innovative solar and energy efficient panels that save our customers money by providing solutions for homes and businesses.

Vision – our vision is to become Australia’s number one energy solutions provider and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.

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