We have an entire range of batteries
in universal sizes available with us.

As an energy-conscious brand, Prishda Energy Pvt Ltd is passionate about
environmental conservation and our eco-friendly solutions put the
power of renewable energy to avail.

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Prishda's mission is to install and maintain renewable energy system through Power
Purchase Agreements(PPAs), meaning our customers pay no upfront costs, but get all
the benefits of a customised energy solution. We take pride in ensuring our customers
reap the rewards from clean sustainable energy, and we take the stress out of the
financial burden installing a system can induce.

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Prishda – Eco-friendly solutions for a better tomorrow.

We create solutions that produce clean energy and reduce the individual carbon footprint.

Contact us today for the best in the class LiFePO4 batteries, solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters and various types of battery related products.

LiFePO4 battery

Our main product is LiFePO4 battery or LFP battery, which is the lithium iron phosphate battery. LiFePO4 battery can replace a Lead Acid battery, it is a direct replacement. It comes with a range of advantages over the latter and lasts for 10-12 years.


Beyond eco powered solutions, we also come up with efficient solutions that address the everyday energy requirements in every home, industry and commercial organization.


Similarly LiFePO4 battery is 60% more compact as compared to lead-acid batteries. Another important advantage associated with the battery is that it is completely green and eco-friendly, has a zero-discharge, and does not present disposal issues.

We also supply Lithium batteries in different case types and a variety of formats.

They find varied applications for

  • UPS
  • Solar & wind power system
  • RV/Camper, Marine
  • Overland/Van
  • Golf Cart
  • Electric vehicle
  • E-Bike, Lighting